Monday, January 27, 2014

Oil Bike Study

Banana Evolution


AP Art Studio Presentation



The pieces in my concentration fully back up my artist statement in various ways. One of my purposes was to show some order among the chaos that is a representation of the history of the bridge. In bridges 1,2,3,5, and 9, it is quite evident that the bridge exemplifies the grandure of the bridge from far away, but also the chaos and struggle the bridge went through to get to that point. Also, in bridges 10 and 12, you can see the fire coming off the bridge.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Artist Statement

My purpose is to depict the Wrightsville Bridge in a way that portrays the ideology of death and rebirth. The Wrightsville Bridge holds a rich history that dates back to the Civil War. Prior to the existing bridge, the original was burnt down to keep the enemy from crossing the Susquehanna. The bridge represents how in order to grow, "bridges" must be broken and rebuilt stronger. Breaking points must be reached in order to yield progress. The Wrightsville Bridge serves as a merger between old and new, death and rebirth.


Bridge 1

Bridge 2
This is done in a style that portrays an aged, rustic look. It appears to have more of a story behind it than what it reveals, which it does.
Bridge 3
This is a stand alone that has an aged look, but still exemplifies the bridge's prestige as looked from an up view.

Bridge 4
This bridge desplays the evolution of humans travelling over the Susquehanna with the burnt bridge, the existing one and also the route 30 bridge that most people use today.
Bridge 5
This one is a good representation of the unorganizational horror that the people of Wrightsville faced as they saw the bridge burn down and even their own houses from the ashes that burned them down.

Bridge 6
It appears that the bridge doesn't have an end which is true in life. You know your emmediate future, but in the long run there are just things you can't account for.

Bridge 7
This resembles the murky waters of the river. The water is very polluted, but the Bridge rises up over it. Wherever there's an obstacle, it is human nature to rise above it.

Bridge 8
This is a view from Wrightsville of the bridge. It is a representation of our goals and the road we must take to reach our horizons.

Bridge 9
A high contrast piece, Bridge 9 is a stand-alone. Once again it is hard to tell, but you can see the remnants of the old bridge. It is a ll overgrown which shows that the past is behind us.

Bridge 10
Bridge 10 is an abstract accrylic painting. The area of the bridge is purposefully painted a fiery orange to resemble the burning and you can see the smoke coming from it. The waterfall is to resemble the buckets of water needed to put out the flames of the houses in Wrightsville. 

Bridge 11
Bridge 11 has an old feel that merges the past with the present. Its the present bridge, but you can tell it has some wear and tear. 

Bridge 12
Bridge 12 is high contrast, but the interesting thing abou this one is that the mountains in the background could be interpreted as mountains or smoke from the bridge burning.